2015. május 27., szerda

DREAMS - Dreampire exhibition 2015 May - Lisbon

I made this little animation based on 3 recorded dreams during the Lisbon section of the Dreampire exhibition tour. Dreampire team records people's dreams and create popular exhibitions out of it in different cities (Berlin, London, Budapest, Jakarta) They already have 3000 dreams. It will be an online collection, a base of interdisciplinary studies and a social network, what connects the people who have similar symbols in their dreams. I was participating in the Lisbon collection with local painters, illustrators and an other animation artist. We created artworks based on the dreams. On the exhibition in LX Factory on the 22nd of May 2015 there was also a dance improvisation on the opening with students of the Escola Superior de Dança.
Thank you for the help and the recordings for Linda Koncz and all the people who participated!
It was a great experience! Enjoy!

DREAMS - Dreampire exhibition from agota vegso on Vimeo.

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