2016. október 18., kedd

Children poem adaptation - Lackfi János - Dorottya és a szirmok (Janos Lackfi - Dorothy and the petals)

I just finished a little animation for my University (MOME). With their and other's help a lot of cool poems and songs for children got animated in the last semester by amazing artists. Glad to be part of it! Here are some little loops again as a teaser!
In the poem a little girl is collecting flower petals with her friends on the courtyard of the kindergarten. These ladies are the lovely coffee drinking teachers.
Here you can watch the previous episode. Earlier I had the chance to make the adaptation of  another poem of Janos Lackfi that he wrote about his daughter. Title is: Dorothy defeats the tantrum.

Lackfi János - Dorottya legyőzi a hisztit - Kaláka Együttes előadásában from agota vegso on Vimeo.

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