2014. december 10., szerda

The Interest

I think finally I found the matching title for my animated short movie. 
The interest. 
I´m almost done with the layout animatic. The animation is 40-50% done. I really enjoy the making but still have to change a lot of things to make it better. Never ending story :)

And here are some animatik tests from the water scene ;)

2014. november 27., csütörtök

More triangles ... :v

I show you an other nice element from my animatic. As you can see animating triangles is a lot of fun :) I hope you like it and stay tune up for the next videos! 

2014. november 18., kedd


I have never ever animated this many triangles :D but finally I really like it and I wanted to share this super animatic part of my new short movie! 

2014. november 8., szombat


An other cool working day. I think until now this old man is my favourite character to animate :)

2014. október 30., csütörtök

LISBON project in progress

Hey! I'm preparing my new project in Lisbon lately. As you know I love animating beards so I just thought that I share with you today's sketches :) Have a nice sunny day wherever you are ;)

2014. október 14., kedd


Hey Everyone! I made a video lecture for TED Ed (Lecture on ed.ted.com) about a thought experiment in Quantum Mechanics! 
Let's learn a little science! Enjoy and if you like it appreciate my work with a like on the youtube video ;) Thank you!

2014. szeptember 24., szerda

Lisboa, Portugal

Dear everyone! I will produce my next animated short in Lisboa during the next 3-4 months! It will be about colors, dreams, memories! I just arrived one week ago so I'm in the middle of discovering the new area! So beautiful so fantastic atmosphere and people. I love this place!

2014. július 9., szerda

PIATOONZ first episode done!

Hey fans! Finally PIRATOONZ first episode is done! Also I finished 5 animatiks :) I can't put it online yet because I have some serious plans with them haha but I will show you week by week more and more :D
The first episode is about a drinking game and lately all my gifs and post were about them. With animatics I follow a more colorful rough animating line! It's more free and faster to produce ;) I hope I can manage to find sponsors or a studio where I can continue them and draw more adventures for my cute monsters and pirateship troopers ;)

2014. június 18., szerda


High quality on Youtube:

Hey people! This is the draft of the Opening. I think it became a little bit too dark but I wanted to show you the state where I am as I promised ;) Tomorrow I'll make a lighter version in atmosphere :)

2014. június 17., kedd

Opening coming soon!

Dear friends! Tomorrow I would love to show You my idea about the opening sequence of PIRATOONZ! Please help me with your opinion how do you like it! ;) Thanx in advance :)

2014. június 3., kedd


We all need some relaxation sometimes...especially when You are an angry pirate...

2014. május 22., csütörtök

Moustache fun

I'm done with the preproduction of the first season ;) 26 scripts and storyboards are ready with some nice character designs ;) 5 episodes are in production at the moment in Denmark at the Animation Workshop/ Open Workshop! It's fun on a bun! Arrrgghhhh!