2016. november 22., kedd


I developed this project during my ASF /Animation Sans Frontier/ scholarship in 2012. This is a vignette series built up from small, less than a minute long episodes. I based the series on four things: pirates, space, dinosaurs and robots.
After ASF I went to make the preproduction at The Animation Workshop /Dk/ in 2014. I attended to the Open Workshop department where I finished the pilot episode and 5 draft episodes.
In 2017 I will finish the production after an other upcoming animated short called Saudade. In Saudade the main character is inspired by the pirates of Piratoonz.

2016. október 18., kedd

Children poem adaptation - Lackfi János - Dorottya és a szirmok (Janos Lackfi - Dorothy and the petals)

I just finished a little animation for my University (MOME). With their and other's help a lot of cool poems and songs for children got animated in the last semester by amazing artists. Glad to be part of it! Here are some little loops again as a teaser!
In the poem a little girl is collecting flower petals with her friends on the courtyard of the kindergarten. These ladies are the lovely coffee drinking teachers.
Here you can watch the previous episode. Earlier I had the chance to make the adaptation of  another poem of Janos Lackfi that he wrote about his daughter. Title is: Dorothy defeats the tantrum.

Lackfi János - Dorottya legyőzi a hisztit - Kaláka Együttes előadásában from agota vegso on Vimeo.

2016. szeptember 14., szerda

Italy 2016 summer

Finally I had time to upload my drawings from this summer. I spent a week at Lago D'Orta in July. Fantastic company, amazing atmosphere ... Great memory.

The view from the window...magical.

Casual killing whales. Here is a WIP pic:

Insane banana-hand pirate from the airport in Milan

Infinite Dinomony

2016. június 20., hétfő

LISBON in aquarelles - My exhibition in the Gottier Créme Café on the 7th of May 2016 in Budapest, Hungary.

It was a fantastic feeling to show my paintings. I've never thought that these aquarelles will go to an exhibition :) Thank you ELEVEN tavasz festival, Portuguese Embassy in Budapest, Gottier Créme Café and my lovely helpers <3 

2016. április 25., hétfő

Animated short work in progress

I started an amazing animated short in Portugal one year ago. I had to make a few brakes but now it's getting step by step finished. I'm really exited to continue the production in a few month ;)

agota vegso animation

make animated gifs like this at MakeaGif

2016. április 23., szombat

EXHIBITION in Budapest

Soon I will have my exhibition with my aquarelles that I made in Lisbon!
7th of May 2016! Amazing opportunity offered to me by the ELEVEN Tavasz Art Festival and the Café Creme Gottier!
If you're in Budapest that day don't miss it!
More about the event here:

The streets of Lisbon:
Algarve region in Portugal:
Praia da Luz:
Praia de Odeceixe:
Praia de Odeceixe, the beach is in the region Algarve, the hill is still in the region Alentejo:

2016. április 4., hétfő

DREAMPIRE promo video

Dreampire is one of my favourite projects that I love to participate. Always creative and fresh to work with them. Dreaming and understanding my dreams are essential for me and this group of enthusiastic people found a fantastic way to share this experiment!
Now they have a website to reach more and more! I made them a cute animation for this page!
Go and check out who has the same dream as you ;)
This is my small spot video:

Check the website: