2015. július 27., hétfő

Video clip for Kaláka band (HUN) - Dorothy defeats the tantrum - poem by János Lackfi performed by the Kaláka band

My super cute animated short is ONLINE!
Check it out! It's a children poem adaptation :)
Poem by János Lackfi
Music by Kaláka band
Directed and Animated by me :3

Lackfi János - Dorottya legyőzi a hisztit - Kaláka Együttes előadásában from agota vegso on Vimeo.
Title in Eng.: Dorothy defeats the tantrum by János Lackfi performed by the Kaláka band
Hungarian poem adaptation about a small girl and her tantrums...

Enjoy :)

© 2013 MOME Anim

2015. július 20., hétfő

New DREAMPIRE video with KID DREAM from Budapest

Check out my new little animation based on a kid's dream. The Dreampire team recorded this dream in Budapest. This team collects dreams in many big cities like Berlin, London, Jakarta, Lisbon and they ask local artists to get inspired by these little stories. They have already more than 3000 dreams. They make exhibitions in the current cities from the works of the artists. Painters, graphic designers, dancers, musicians are participating. Also animators like me :) It will be an online collection, a base of interdisciplinary studies and social network what connects the people who have similar symbols in their dreams.
I made this little video for their Theatrical Premiere which was in Prague on the 26th of June! Im so happy that I could participate in this amazing project!

KID DREAM - Dreampire from agota vegso on Vimeo.

I also made a longer video for the Lisbon session. It was an amazing adventure. I chose 3 adult dreams and made this animation. The best part was to exhibit afterwards with the other artists. There was a fellow graphic designer who even made an illustration about my dream :)
Hope you will like it!

DREAMS - Dreampire exhibition from agota vegso on Vimeo.

2015. június 19., péntek

New York New York - Sketches

Amazing city with super busy and interesting scenes...I wish I could spend more time here. Big experience.

2015. május 27., szerda

DREAMS - Dreampire exhibition 2015 May - Lisbon

I made this little animation based on 3 recorded dreams during the Lisbon section of the Dreampire exhibition tour. Dreampire team records people's dreams and create popular exhibitions out of it in different cities (Berlin, London, Budapest, Jakarta) They already have 3000 dreams. It will be an online collection, a base of interdisciplinary studies and a social network, what connects the people who have similar symbols in their dreams. I was participating in the Lisbon collection with local painters, illustrators and an other animation artist. We created artworks based on the dreams. On the exhibition in LX Factory on the 22nd of May 2015 there was also a dance improvisation on the opening with students of the Escola Superior de Dança.
Thank you for the help and the recordings for Linda Koncz and all the people who participated!
It was a great experience! Enjoy!

DREAMS - Dreampire exhibition from agota vegso on Vimeo.

2015. május 10., vasárnap

Where the infinite patterns start...MONSTER CATCH

My passion about infinite pattern started in 2012. While I was producing my graduation animated short film called MONSTER CATCH (https://vimeo.com/127030042) I made some T-shirt designs. I drew infinite pattern in to the silhouettes of the movie's main characters. The infinite pattern inside also was build up from the motifs and characters of the animation! I really enjoyed making it so since then I kept on producing more.
I attached some more drawings - Triceratops, a skateboard design, ATAT-walker, a panda with a song lyrics written inside...
At the moment I'm working on one with the Millennium Falcon...That will be the best until now ! ;)

2015. május 6., szerda


This is the short version of my Graduation movie, called MONSTER CATCH. I made it at MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest) in 2012. I love the original version which is 6 min, but this one, called MONSTER CITY is more dynamic and has a better flow. During the latest years MONSTER CATCH was travelling on festivals, but soon I will make it online to let anybody enjoy it :)
Check out MONSTER CITY and walk in the city with open eyes, you might catch a glimpse of these colorful monsters. 

Watch here:

2015. április 27., hétfő

Aquarelle Lisbon

Here are some aquarelle paintings of mine from the last months. I gave them as gifts and unfortunately I don't have quality photos about them, but I hope they still bring back the atmosphere of Lisbon ;) I love this city.

2015. március 20., péntek

E=mc2 - Lecture for TED Ed - The Law of Conservation of Mass

I made a TED Educational video again!
I love science! I was study Biology and Chemistry in high school. I like to combine my two passion: animation and science. Especially when it's about to spread fantastic knowledge. Let's science up our life with ed.ted.com!

Appreciate my work with a like on the youtube video ;) Thank you so much!
You can find it on this link: