2015. július 20., hétfő

New DREAMPIRE video with KID DREAM from Budapest

Check out my new little animation based on a kid's dream. The Dreampire team recorded this dream in Budapest. This team collects dreams in many big cities like Berlin, London, Jakarta, Lisbon and they ask local artists to get inspired by these little stories. They have already more than 3000 dreams. They make exhibitions in the current cities from the works of the artists. Painters, graphic designers, dancers, musicians are participating. Also animators like me :) It will be an online collection, a base of interdisciplinary studies and social network what connects the people who have similar symbols in their dreams.
I made this little video for their Theatrical Premiere which was in Prague on the 26th of June! Im so happy that I could participate in this amazing project!

KID DREAM - Dreampire from agota vegso on Vimeo.

I also made a longer video for the Lisbon session. It was an amazing adventure. I chose 3 adult dreams and made this animation. The best part was to exhibit afterwards with the other artists. There was a fellow graphic designer who even made an illustration about my dream :)
Hope you will like it!

DREAMS - Dreampire exhibition from agota vegso on Vimeo.

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